What is Tribe?

Tribe by Valerie Bertinelli is a new way to find your place.


Tribe is the mobile experience that let’s you find people,

places and things. A new way to connect with local

businesses who believe what you believe and reward

your loyalty with special offers.

How does it work?

The TRIBE mobile experience begins with a powerful new way finding solution.


Using GPS and a proprietary individual preference algorithm, TRIBE helps you find your place around by delivering business locations and directions based

upon what you like and influenced by your social circles.

Inspired Business Model

Over the past several years, inspired entrepreneurs have created billion dollar success stories by re-imagining some of the oldest and most entrenched ideas.


Marketing has always been about knowing your customer. TRIBE provides a revolutionary concept in getting to know your customer using one of the most basic human needs - the need to belong.


Our technology and inspired business model re-imagines a multi-billion dollar industry, entrenched for thousands of years.


We leverage the the global reach of social media to enable business to reach, inspire and engage the tribes of people who frequent their shop.

Find Your Place

Among the most basic human needs is the need to belong. Naturally humans gather together in like minded groups. This “tribal” instinct unites us around common goals, likes and ultimately our deepest

thinking. The “tribes” we belong to influence what and we do, what we believe and ultimately how we behave.


Understanding the connective value of social influence and “tribal” instincts is the core of the TRIBE by Valerie Bertinelli mobile experience.


TRIBE™ is mobile marketing - re-imagined.


We serve two very distinct groups: People and the people they do do business with.


TRIBE™ is For Humans


You know, the everyday ordinary Joes. For humans, we provide a mobile way finding solution with a self-discovery twist. We make it easy to find who, what, where and why. We connect you with the locals you want to do business with using GPS and a proprietary search algorithm that understands you and your individual preferences based upon what you buy, where you shop, why you buy it and what you are searching for.


Our matching algorithm will align you humans with local, national  and global businesses you want to do business with. Our because you like it suggestion engine guides you to business people who act like you act, think like you think and deliver on the promises and experience you expect with special “tribal” offers and special incentives.


TRIBE™ is For Business Types (Humans who sell to Humans)


For really intelligent business types, TRIBE is a whole new way of learning what your customers want. It is a new way to understand what to sell, when to sell it and why people buy it. TRIBE provides powerful marketing tools to enable business leaders to create a rich, vibrant and personal experience for every customer. It provides discovery tools which enable business to reach new customers, inspire them with powerfully aligned offers and engage them in deep and meaningful relationships based on loyalty and rewards.


Every feature is the TRIBE mobile app is designed to create new opportunities to build meaningful customer relationships, drive customer loyalty and generate revenue by selling smart and more.


TRIBE™ is small business engagement - re-imagined.